Welcome to Conversion Dynamics!
Conversion Dynamics is a premiere software engineering service founded by Cameron Landers. Cameron brings decades of experience that spans multiple platforms, programming languages and frameworks. Cameron's vision for Conversion Dynamics is to be your one-stop shop for all things tech. Click here for details on Cameron's extensive background.
A full-service development lab, we provide a variety of expertise in the form of object-oriented application design and development services. No project is too big, too hard or too small. Combining full-stack coding skills and creative talent, we offer modern, responsive applications that look amazing on all screen sizes.
Is your company invested in Microsoft technology? We've got you covered. Whether you need a powerful desktop application, a large-scale enterprise client/server application or a full-stack ASP.NET MVC web application running on IIS or Azure-- we do it all, from the front-end UI to middle tier REST services to your backend SQL Server or any other modern database system.
Are open source technologies more your preference? We have years of experience and full-stack expertise building applications on Javascript, Node.js, Angular and more. Whether its a LAMP stack, MEAN stack or any other modern software stack, we're up to the job. Cross-platform flexibility means we can build solutions for almost any target environment: Windows, UNIX/Linux platforms and even MacOS or mobile devices.