Welcome to Conversion Dynamics!
My name is Cameron Landers. I'm a freelance software engineer with decades of experience that spans multiple platforms, programming languages and frameworks.
I operate a full-service development lab, providing a variety of expert application programming and web development services. No project is too big, too hard or too small. I combine deep, full-stack coding skills and creative talent to produce modern, responsive applications that look amazing on all screens and devices.
One of my areas of specialty is Microsoft .NET technology - whether you need a powerful desktop application, a large-scale enterprise client/server application or a full-stack ASP.NET MVC web application, I've got you covered from the front-end UI to middle tier REST services to your backend SQL Server or any other modern database system.
I also have years of experience building applications on open source technologies, including Javascript, Node.js, Angular and more. I offer the ultimate in cross platform flexibility: I can develop solutions on Windows, UNIX/Linux platforms and even MacOS and iPhones.
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