Programming, Technology & Media Services
We design powerful applications that provide all sorts of capabilities, including time tracking, event registration, product activation, sales force management, product inventory, service incident tracking... any kind of capability you can envision. We can also build solutions that interact with data from public APIs such as AWS, Google, iTunes, RSS feeds and more.
On Windows, we can develop custom solutions in .NET, including both VB.NET and C# with SQL. On Unix and LAMP stacks, we develop powerful solutions in Java, Python, traditional C, PHP with MySQL or other databases. We can develop OSX applications for MAC platforms and IOS mobile apps using Swift. We are equally comfortable developing programs and tools to run on Unix, Linux, OSX or Windows.
We also offer expertise on Ignition/SCADA integration. We are proud to tout our current credential from Inductive University.
What is Ignition?
Ignition is a commercial software development platform created by Inductive Automation. It comprises a rapid application development framework and set of tools for creating powerful software applications. Ignition is a free software platform from which specialized applications are built, that interact with manufacturing and control systems in powerful ways.
Ignition is often used to create SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) applications that monitor and control equipment, processes and activities. Data is collected, analyzed and formatted to produce powerful operator interfaces, dashboards, charts, alarms and reports, all over an HTTP-based gateway and client model.
Ignition is versatile and flexible across diverse industries and usage models. In addition to control systems and manufacturing applications, Ignition is also used to create inventory systems, point of sale applications and other kinds of applications.
Web Development
We can develop web applications and web services on Apache, Lighttpd or IIS web servers. We provide rich, secure and scalable web applications using ASP.NET/SQL, PHP, Java or Python with MySQL or other databases on the back-end. On the front end, we have expert-level skills with Javascript, JQuery and most popular Javascript libraries and frameworks.
We develop web-based solutions that scale, including web stores, blogs, membership and affilitate tracking systems, e-commerce payment processing systems and more. Anything you need your web site to do--we make it happen.
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Web Services
We can develop SOAP or RESTful Web services exactly to your needs, implemented on .NET, PHP or Java. We offer expert consulting services to help you implement your web applications and plan your back-end infrastructure to meet today's standards. Every process that accesses your databases must do so securely, and this is usually via a web service. Web services combined with current encryption standards offer a dedicated layer of protection that is simply a must-have for professional web portals today.
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Data Conversion Tools
We develop all sorts of customized tools that can extract and convert data from almost any format to any other. We build automated tools that can crawl web sites or RSS feeds and extract specified data, such as e-mail addresses, URLs, topic-related information and more, with a rich set of filters. These kinds of powerful data extraction tools are especially popular with marketing and research folks.
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Mobile Apps
We build mobile apps for iPhones and iPADs exactly to your specifications. We use the new Swift programming language for app development on IOS mobile devices. Apple is on a fast trend of moving away from Objective C in favor of Swift. At some point, Swift may become the only supported development language for Apple platforms.
In addition to IOS mobile apps, we can also write software applications for the Mac OSX platform in Swift, ensuring a consistent functional code base for apps that need to run on both MACs and IOS mobile devices. We can also develop apps for Windows phone. Soon, we will be able to offer Android development services as well.
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Outlook Add-ins
Outlook add-ins are custom programs that run inside of Microsoft Outlook. Leveraging our data conversion and automation expertise, we create specialized add-ins that enable users to bring data into Outlook from all sorts of external sources, such as web sites, articles, blogs, RSS feeds, documents, social media and more.
This enables you to easily store all kinds of information in Outlook folders in your mailbox, or in Microsoft Exchange public folders. You can define your own fields, drag columns around in folder views, sort, view and edit items in custom layouts. You can directly view and edit imported data just like you view and edit e-mail messages. It's total flexibility at your fingertips.
No matter where the information actually resides, our add-ins let users bring their workflow into Outlook, and to view and edit that information with the same rich functionality that makes Outlook the most popular e-mail client.
What's more, you can edit data from external sources, even when you are offline. Changes can be synchronized with the source whenever it's available--whether that source happens to be an Exchange server, a shared document, a database, or your blog. Imagine doing all of that in Outlook!
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Creative Services
Design Services
We're not just propeller-heads! We also provide expert design services, such as design layouts and UI elements for web sites and web applications, custom graphics, animations and more. We also provide human factors and usage model expertise, when you need professional input on design, layout, graphics and color scheme options.
We also offer a range of online marketing services. This set of services includes search engine optimization, managing ad campaigns and other aspects of online marketing, brand building and promotional strategy.
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Studio Services
We produce original music cues for TV, film, commercials, video games and broadcast radio. From our state-of-the-art studio, we provide a wide range of audio and video production and post-production services.
These services include unlimited digitial multi-track recording and broadcast-quality mastering. We also do music arranging, backing tracks for live performances and we provide professional hosts/announcers and live sound services on location for venues and events.
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Video Editing
We offer video post-production services such as editing, transcoding, mixing and synchronizing sound tracks with your video footage. We can also replace existing sound tracks on your videos with new ones and synchronize them with the visual material. We have a wide range of video special effects and transitions, and we can integrate streaming video and audio into your web pages.
Want to turn a Powerpoint slideshow into a Youtube video? Don't bother spending hours setting timing and transitions. We can slice and dice your slideshows exactly the way you want, add professional cross-fades and video transitions and produce a professional soundtrack to transform your presentation into a broadcast-quality video.
We are a full-service design studio. We offer expert photo editing/retouch services, and a full range of professional design services for any kind of print project. We can design compelling logos and graphic assets for product packaging, signs, banners, t-shirts, advertising flyers and more.
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Content Writing Services
We provide professonal writing services for all of your communication and publication needs. With more than 25 years of professional writing experience, we provide just the right wording to produce compelling product announcements, press releases, contracts, patent disclosures, web site articles, newsletters, commercial ads and more.
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